13 November, 2009

Bloghop 101

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. -Christopher Reeve

So~what is a bloghop?

Literally "hopping" from one blog to another! Tomorrow OperationWriteHome is having a Veterans Day BlogHop. Go to the site tomorrow and click on the first blog in the list. From there you will be directed to the subsequent hop where you will find the link to the next hop...and so on...until you have viewed over 75!!!! blogs!!!

Be prepared to see a lot of inspiring blogs!!! Each blogger in the hop has been requested to have at least one Any Hero card and one Valentine card.Plus you will get to hear some bloggers' stories about vets in their lives - some will share techniques - some will have giveaways!!!

What is an Any Hero card??? It is a card for any military personnel - a personal note to any soldier who maybe doesn't get much mail or who needs some encouragement. It can be a "thank you for your service" kind of note or a "would it be ok to trade my little sister in for something better?" kind of note. Write something that's interesting/funny/encouraging/uplifting. We owe our military a lot - let's tell them we care!!

Also please check out OperationWriteHome's web page for ways that you can participate - either by making/sending cards or by donations.

See you tomorrow!!!

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