16 May, 2013

You really need to know...

I realize that this is mainly a craft blog, but I need some assistance in getting out some information to any and all that will listen. Brain injuries (concussions) occur daily with our teenagers. And I have found over the past year that most persons are ill-equipped and illiterate about what is involved. I am not just talking about parents but about all the people with whom your child comes in contact(peers, educators, Scout leaders, extracurricular activity leaders). A brain injury is NOT VISIBLE to the normal person but it is VERY REAL to the person who has the injury. I hope by bringing this to your attention you will be more understanding and more knowledgeable should you find yourself or friends in need of help and assistance.

I will be posting several articles over the next few weeks. Please take the time to read and share this information. Thank you.


Brain Injury…aka concussion

 What is a concussion?

"A concussion is a brain injury that temporarily alters brain functions. It usually is the result of a direct blow to the head, but it also can be the result of a blow elsewhere on the body that has sufficient force to affect the head. Most young people are not knocked out during a head injury, and many do not experience any memory loss. Often, a concussion does not show up on an MRI or CT scan." (www.familymedicineassociates.com)

Most of you probably associate a concussion with a contact sport. We all hear about concussions in professional football - even in high school sports. But you do not have to be playing a sport to sustain a concussion.

Another little known fact is that concussions in children and teens are MORE SERIOUS than in an adult as their brains are still developing and are more fragile.

 What do our educators know about concussions in teenagers???

I'm sure that our educators are very complacent with their concussion knowledge. Schools have policies that require a baseline ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) test. This is ONLY an aid. It is not a cure. It is not a solution. THIS DOES NOT INSURE THAT YOUR CHILD WILL RECEIVE THE HELP HE NEEDS.

I have found that teachers, coaches, trainers, and school administrators have NO CLUE about BRAIN INJURIES.  And furthermore, even with the technology available to us today, parents are having to educate the educators. Schools NEED to have workshops for TEACHERS, ADMINISTRATORS, and PARENTS. The school nurse is often the ONLY person who knows about concussions and as most of you know, she is not the one who is in daily contact with your child.  She has no influence on what is done in the classroom. The TEACHERS and ADMINISTRATORS need to be informed and trained because those are the people who dictate what is being done in the classroom to help a student with concussion symptoms.

More later.


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