30 June, 2011


Have you ever had an idea in your head.....and then when you went to put your idea on paper it just didn't materialize??? Well that's the way this went! Fab's Halloween Challege this time was tags and/or a tall card. When I read this earlier...I thought it said 3 tags and/or a tall card. I guess this might have been easier if I hadn't put the 3 in this challenge. :)

Ok...so maybe I made this harder than necessary. At any rate I was trying for 3 tags. This is not exactly my original idea...I have vamped and revamped this card and still.....dorky!

So with as much class as I can muster I present to you my card. Thank you Fab for this Halloween challenge. It WAS a challenge!


  1. So cute I love it ! That ribbon is just perfik ! :) X Fab

  2. It is not Dorky! It's cute...love the texture on the pumpkin! :)
    WOW! 3 TAGS! You did great!